Finishing 2017’s Loose Ends for 2018

The second half of 2017 was a rather busy time for me, and not just on Indie Overlook. Unfortunately, this meant that some projects fell through the cracks and trying to finish them up while sticking to a normal schedule didn’t tend to work out. I would like to finish these things up once and for all as we move into 2018 so, rather than keeping a strict schedule, I’ll be focusing on getting stuff done by the end of January or early February at the latest. Here’s the full(?) list of things which I’ll be doing over the next few weeks:

  1. Uploading all backlogged stream archives to YouTube
  2. Adding screenshots to any articles lacking them
  3. Making an official Player-Created Content section for Mega Man Maker levels
  4. Writing the article for Mercury Station, which will now be a mini article rather than a feature
  5. Writing the feature article for Three Ghostly Roses
  6. Adding a section to Indie Overlook specifically for video content

I’ll also still be keeping to my Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday streaming schedule as much as I can over at and there are still a few other articles I would like to write during this period. After all this, the schedule should go back to normal and, with any luck, it will stay that way for the rest of 2018!

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