Odd Schedule This Week!

This week’s schedule is going to be rather different, in part due to Thanksgiving preparations and in part due to my headset having issues where it will disconnect if I move a certain part of the cord in the wrong way. I’m planning to find a replacement headset if I can’t fix the current one since this is definitely something that could become a big issue during streams. There won’t be a main article this week, but I will be releasing mini-articles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (and possibly Thursday).

On the streaming side of things, my headset’s current condition means my streaming schedule is up in the air. If I can at least temporarily fix this issue, then I still plan to stick to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule for streaming between 8:30 and 9:00 EST (Thursday is definitely more tentative due to Thanksgiving).

As always, I’ll post announcements on Twitter if/when I stream, so make sure to check that out over here: https://twitter.com/seeric_io

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