Giant Cutter Boss

Giant Cutter

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Giant Cutter is half shmup, half not-quite-platformer, and completely bizarre. Taking place across four stages, the ship flies through space, cuts through enemies inside planets, and encounters increasingly-enormous bosses. There are no weapon upgrades and the normal attack has an unusually limited horizontal range, but the ship lives up to the game’s name as a portion of a constantly-refilling bar can be consumed to make a giant blade sprout forth from the top of the ship as it lunges forward across the screen to cut down anything in its path.

Secret of Qwerty Ghosts

Secret of Qwerty

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Today’s game is a rather short and simple one, but it’s one which you may find yourself going back to frequently, if only for a few minutes at a time. Secret of Qwerty, by Cannibal Cat Software, is a miniature RPG where the protagonist must defeat his foes through the power of typing. Yes, this is the RPG equivalent of The Typing of the Dead and it works surprisingly well.

Knytt Stories Main

Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories 1

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Indie platformers focused on player-created content seem to have suddenly become surprisingly common around here, but the experience this one offers is quite different from that of Below Kryll. Created by Nifflas, whom you may already be familiar with from NightSky, Knytt Underground, or several other games, Knytt Stories offers players the possibility of adventures which can not only range anywhere from being soothingly atmospheric to soul-crushingly difficult, but which are often both of these extremes simultaneously.

Mahou Warrior Dragon

Mahou Warrior

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If GIGADEEP serves as the perfect example of what can be done with the Mega Man formula when balanced design is thrown out the window in favor of fast, chaotic gameplay, then Mahou Warrior serves as an example of what happens when you focus on specific parts of that formula and push them to their limits. Though the gameplay and many of the mechanics may be familiar, the ways in which the obstacles you encounter are used and combined are frequently innovative and surprising.

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Just like its fully-capitalized name, there is nothing graceful nor elegant about GIGADEEP. Nearly everything part of this game is sloppy, loud, frantically kinetic, and, of course, ridiculously entertaining. There is a real sense of energy to this Mega Man X-inspired action platformer that I have rarely seen matched and, even with some glaring balance issues, I find myself going back to this game at least once every year.