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Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)

MaGMML Title

Official Contest Forum Thread and Download || Blyka’s Mega Man Engine

NOTE: Make sure to check out the Extras section of Indie Overlook to find videos and articles for each of the stages in this game!

Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML) is both the name of a contest and of the game which was created from said contest. Full games being cobbled together from contest entries are by no means a new invention, various RPG Maker and Super Mario Bros. X events have been doing it for years, but this is the first time such a game has been created with a Mega Man engine to the best of my knowledge. This is a collection of competition entries embodied in the form of a single game so the quality of the content here varies wildly and both the contest itself and the engine used have their fair share of rough edges, but there’s also some surprising polish along the way too. This article is going to be covering the game, the contest, and the engine so let’s get started!

Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls

Official Site || Steam Page

Oh look, it’s a game with a strong Mega Man influence, a well-implemented dash mechanic, some similarities to Kirby and DuckTales, and such a love for random references that even the name is a reference to Destroy All Monsters. Since I am rather fond of everything I just named, it’s far from surprising that thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent playing the punch-filled amalgamation that is Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls.