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Demo: Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

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This article marks the beginning of a new section on Indie Overlook because I’ll be covering a demo for a game still in development. Like with the extra articles and those for player-created content, the structure and general length of this segment is probably going to change over time. To properly inaugurate this section, today’s article will be covering the demo for an RPG I have been looking forward to since it was first announced – Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass.

Stray Cat Crossing

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Stray Cat Crossing is a strange game and a very difficult one to write about while avoiding spoilers. It initially presents itself as a horror game, but this gradually changes after the first of this game’s three acts. Instead, this is a disturbing and mysterious adventure through a place where nothing is as it first seems.

Tales Across Time Entrance

Tales Across Time

Tales Across Time Title

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Tales Across Time is a small, somewhat experimental RPG which isn’t afraid to take a few risks with its storytelling and combat system. Though not completely devoid of clichés, this RPG forsakes presenting players with a grand globetrotting adventure in order to tell three short stories about characters and events in a single location over the course of several hundred years.

Tantibus Lamp Fight


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Surrealistic indie RPG’s have become much less rare, though still far from common, ever since Yume Nikki and Space Funeral became cult classics. Tantibus, taking its name from the Latin word for ‘nightmare’, certainly falls into this bizarre niche with its small, often-nonsensical world. If you’re looking for a deep plot or particularly engaging combat you won’t find it here, but you’re in luck if you’re looking to explore a unique world and interact with its increasingly-interesting inhabitants.

Some Useful Downloads For Running Freeware Games

Compatibility is always an issue where older games are concerned, and especially when it comes to older indie games. Though I’ll be covering plenty of new games where compatibility (usually) isn’t a concern, a good number of games will require a trick or two to get working. That said, two programs in particular (well, one program and one set of programs) are all you’ll need to get most of this stuff working properly.