Mega Man SFR – Wily 3

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Stage: This stage is where Mega Man: Super Fighting Robot decided to place all of its lasers. There are a handful of screens where it is necessary to move through them as quickly as possible, but lasers actually fade away after a few seconds and many screens require you to find save areas between lasers on the ground or on ladders. In a unique twist, lasers rapidly deplete Mega Man’s health instead of instantly killing him, making it possible to get hit and still survive if you react quickly enough. Between the leeway granted from the way laser damage works and the invincibility of Zap Barrier, this stage is probably the easiest of the fortress stages. Some parts of of the stage are underwater and dodging the lasers in these sections can be slightly harder due to the reduced movement speed, but the only difficult part of this fairly short stage comes in the form of a few short rooms which involve dodging lasers while climbing up and down ladders at the very end.

Boss: Splashmo Prime is a larger version of an existing enemy and it fights a bit like a boss in a Treasure game. Like its smaller counterparts, it can send out a swirling wave of bubbles, though these bubbles are bigger, faster, and cover the width of the arena. It also can send out four strings of bouncing projectiles which crisscross around the arena for a few seconds and are best avoided by finding a safe spot on the ground. Splashmo Prime’s final and least common attack is to send out horizontal bolts which drop waves of what looks like electricity towards the ground, but getting hit by these projectiles will freeze Mega Man. The entire arena is underwater and Mega Man’s movements are slowed as a result, but the boss only floats slightly up and down near the top of the arena so this inhibition only makes it harder to defend against attacks without being an issue when it comes to going on the offensive. That said, being overly aggressive in this fight can result in getting caught in the air while the boss is about to launch an attack so it’s best to play defensively and focus on only attacking while dodging.

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