Stray Cat Crossing

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Stray Cat Crossing is a strange game and a very difficult one to write about while avoiding spoilers. It initially presents itself as a horror game, but this gradually changes after the first of this game’s three acts. Instead, this is a disturbing and mysterious adventure through a place where nothing is as it first seems.

Hanano Puzzle

Hanano Puzzle Levels

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Today we have a short, simple article for a short, simple game. Hanano Puzzle, which roughly means “Puzzle of Flowers”, aims to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with pleasant music, backgrounds filled with gently falling confetti-like shapes, and happy stickfigure people jumping around on the stage select screen. There’s no time pressure and no rankings based on the number of moves you make, but there is a happy message to congratulate you after you complete a stage and it even occasionally suggests for you to take a break after some of the stages so that you don’t exhaust yourself. Don’t be fooled by the warm and cozy atmosphere though – this is one of the most brainmeltingly devious puzzle games out there.