Blink the Bulb

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As much as I love the NES and the SNES, I’m still always happy whenever a clearly Genesis-inspired game like Blink the Bulb shows up. With bright and colorful visuals, massive levels with branching paths, and plenty of abilities to choose between and combine, Blink the Bulb puts some of the best qualities of Genesis platformers in the spotlight.


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The inspiration for Hiiro is so blatant that Nifflas and clysm, the creators of Knytt and Seiklus respectively, are thanked in the credits, but this is not at all a downside. This short and comfortably hazard-free exploration platformer comes in at just the right price to make for a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon adventure.

Article Experiment

I’m going to be testing out a new way of releasing articles starting today. Specifically, the full article will be split into a tiered release with the video, relevant links, and the basic description going up today and the rest of the article itself going up tomorrow. I plan to also handle Tuesday’s game this way with the video content and description on Tuesday and the writing on Wednesday. I’m not sure if I’ll be sticking with this method (it’s an experiment after all), but if I do then any articles which do not feature video content will still come out in full on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Banana Nababa

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Neo-Africa is doomed unless Harry Flowerpower can defeat six monsters to reclaim the Mystical Hearts stolen by a wizard! The plot is about as nonsensical as they come, but Banana Nababa, a freeware platformer consisting entirely of six boss fights, still holds up remarkably well nearly a decade after its release.

Mouth Sweet

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I still have no idea where the title comes from, but Mouth Sweet is a fairly small game packed with combat inspired by Killer7, pitch black humor, some legitimately disturbing scenes, and a surprisingly strong and positive message. Games which take place in modern-day office environments have been very slowly on the rise, but, with the exception of I Get This Call Every Day and potentially a very small handful of others, most focus on wacky comedic hijinks (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing mind you) and none that I know of are more heartfelt than this one.