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The main article scheduled for today is going to be delayed until tomorrow, but there will still be a smaller article released later tonight!

UPDATE: The article is going to be for The Bug Butcher and it will be up on Sunday, but the video is now available here:

Precious Star

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Precious Star is outright one of the best shmups I have ever played and if you have any love for bullet hells at all you should click one of the links above this paragraph right now so you can download it and start playing it as soon as possible. Difficulty balance, ship weaponry, bosses, stages, scoring systems, graphics, and sound design – this game does them all exceptionally well. If you’re still reading this (or if you’ve come back after having played Precious Star for yourself), I’ll go ahead and dive right in to talking about just why this game works so well.

Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls

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Oh look, it’s a game with a strong Mega Man influence, a well-implemented dash mechanic, some similarities to Kirby and DuckTales, and such a love for random references that even the name is a reference to Destroy All Monsters. Since I am rather fond of everything I just named, it’s far from surprising that thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent playing the punch-filled amalgamation that is Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls.


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Ookibloks is what happens when you take the basic concept behind the types of sliding puzzles found in nearly any RPG with an ice dungeon, strip away the tedium, and apply it to a fast-paced arcade puzzle game. In this game you play as Ooki the monkey as he rapidly jumps between blocks to collect bananas while dropping fruit on enemies and using various objects to his advantage. It’s simple, it’s short, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Super Cyborg

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Contra was one of the first games to contain the famous Konami Code and many still fondly look back on it and several of its sequels, but it has a formula which is hard to get right (even Konami got it wrong plenty of times). With constant pressure from all sides, colossal bosses, and completely insane enemy designs, Super Cyborg is a rare game which hits all the right marks.