Something Somewhat Different Tomorrow

I’ll still be posting the daily updates of Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest content within the next hour, but the major article will be arriving tomorrow. That said, this article is going to serve to introduce a new section to Indie Overlook (don’t worry, it’ll still very much be related to indie games)! You can also expect yet another MaGMML update alongside it tomorrow as well as a Fraxy boss article, so Saturday’s going to be quite a busy day!

MaGMML – Ranks 16 – 15

The average length of the levels increases starting from this point, so we’ll be moving through them at a somewhat slower pace than the Tier 1 levels. Though Tier 2 levels still have plenty of issues of their own, they are a significant step up from the levels found in Tier 1.

MaGMML – Ranks 20 – 17

Tier 1 consists of the lowest-scoring levels in the entire competition and we’re going to be covering the whole thing in one go in order to look at why!

Make a Good Mega Man Level – Intro

This is the opening cutscene of Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest. Starting today, there will be a new article each day covering one or more of the levels found in the game! Levels will be covered from the lowest ranked to the highest alongside the guest Robot Master fights and then the Wily Fortress areas. It’s a lot to cover, so you can expect to see new MaGMML content appearing on Indie Overlook for quite a while!