Below Kryll – if at first you don’t succeed… by zubit (12e6)

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This is a very short level which slightly shows its age through how easily some of the platforming challenges can by bypassed with the air dash, but it’s worth check out because of its awesome concept. Color-coded respawns are commonly used in levels to prevent players from being forced in start over from the beginning if they kill a crucial enemy or misplace an object, but here they are used to add in an element of surprise. There’s a running joke throughout the level of it being completely empty because enemy and object spawns are tired to various respawn points, which you must make extensive use of in order to rewind time. From a swarm of bees to a crushing statue to a one-way moving platform, each respawn point presents a new challenge which makes use of the gimmick in a different way. Overall, the level is a bit too short and the individual challenges are a bit too simple, making this level with a decently entertaining, though not spectacular, execution which doesn’t quite measure up to the great concept.

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