Below Kryll – Museum of the Dark Lord by Blackmaker (9w11)

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Museum of the Dark Lord is not quite an art level and not quite a puzzle level either, but it’s very silly either way. As the name states, the entire level takes place within a museum owned by ‘the dark lord’ and there is virtually no danger and only a small amount of platforming involved. There are a bunch of different collectibles here set up as display pieces, each with a short and humorous description. One shuriken is simply at the end of one of the item hallways and the other one demands some simple platforming while not touching red crystals, but the remaining three tie in to the museum itself. Most of the items in the museum are guarded by a security system which will block off the shurikens with piko plants if you try to take them, but you can safely take three items which the dark lord is afraid of, each of which unlocks one of the remaining shurikens. To figure out just what these items are, you need to look for clues in the item descriptions. While most art levels simply hand the shurikens to players or contain challenges entirely unrelated to the art itself, Museum of the Dark Lord stands out by directly combining its art and gameplay elements.

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