Knytt Stories- Do Not Pick Up The Key by Talps

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If the name somehow didn’t give it away, this level is very insistent upon warning players against picking up the key at the end. As a level which doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest, the setting can change abruptly with little in the way of logic. Rest assured though, whether you are reading from a high-tech monitor or deciphering ancient hieroglyphics, chances are high that you’ll be warned against picking up the dreaded key. As to the actual gameplay, many of the regions focus on utilizing one or two specific types of enemies and there are several defining area traits. My favorite feature is in the ancient ruins where buttons need to be found to release a liquid which powers jump pads in earlier rooms, thus changing the shape of the play area and the way in which the room is navigated. Difficulty remains mostly flat and slightly above-average throughout this level, though the earlier sections feel slightly harder than the later parts. Unlike in many levels, the wall jump and the double jump are not present, creating a platforming experience which is usually only found in the early parts of Knytt Stories levels. Despite its designation as a ‘short’ level, you can probably expect a first run through this level to last about half an hour. With a great sense of humor and some nicely varied platforming this level is definitely worth playing, even for people who like to pick up keys.

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