Knytt Stories – The Cursed House by Ania

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Ah, now here’s a level which is short and sweet. Foregoing much in the way of a plot beyond entering and then attempting to escape from the titular cursed house, this game gets straight to the point. The the entire inside of the house is impressively fit into a single screen which serves as the main hub area. No exits are immediately apparent beyond a path which requires all four keys to access, but exploring the rooms reveals hints as to how to access other areas. All of the branching areas are short and never go beyond five screens in length, yet the ability to access nearly any given area from the start creates a pleasant sense of exploration. Each area also needs to be visited multiple times, so there is very much a puzzle element involved in deducing just which portion of which area each new ability makes available. There is at least one overlooked ‘void’ screen which can be reached, but it’s a minor oversight which requires a bit of effort to reach in the first place. Even with its lack of a plot and a low level of difficulty, The Cursed House remains a fun little puzzle platformer level which certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome.

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