Knytt Stories – The Storm’s Coming by Gorfinhofin

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The Storm’s Coming is one of the newest Knytt Stories levels to be released and, judging by the ending, it is probably the first entry in a series, but it holds up on its own. As the name implies, this level features a giant storm which quickly floods Juni’s village. The flooding effect is very well done and the rising water level creates a great sense of artificial urgency. However, the water is outpaced fairly early on in the level and most of the level consists of disarming the various laser defenses of a scientific facility. I wish a larger portion of the level was spent on barely outpacing the flood and that more water was integrated into the puzzles and challenges, but the end result is certainly still enjoyable. The difficulty level here strikes a nice balance between being challenging without being frustrating. There are a good number of hard challenges to be found here, but checkpoints are generously scattered about and each task feels self-contained so you don’t need to worry about dodging lasers while also avoiding dozens of projectiles like in less ideally balanced levels. It can take some time to figure out how the boss fight at the end works, but the fight is enjoyable enough and figuring out what you’re meant to do is part of the challenge. Overall, this is just a really solid, somewhat short level with a little bit of everything and while it may not particularly excel in any particular area, it doesn’t trip over any stumbling blocks either.

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